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Day "free" skiing on Moscow for 200 rubles


In April, Moscow appeared tourist ticket for all public transport. It provides an opportunity to perform during the day unlimited travel around the city. 

Moscow recently created tourist map «Moscow Pass» not only moderately praised, but strenuously criticized. Unlike many similar projects in different cities around the world, she did not give the right to "merchant" of public transport. And now supplemented map and some tourist's travel. 

About this ticket long talked many guests of Moscow. This is an important step towards creating a modern tourist infrastructure. This is an opportunity to save money and not to stand in queues, comfortable support for the review sites. Travel ticket is made ​​in the form of a smart card. Available at the box office subway. The cost of this card is 200 rubles. In the same time a subway ride costs 28-30 rubles, and by tram, bus and trolleybus - 25-28 rubles. 

Similar City tickets or cards used in many popular tourist cities in the world. For example, in Portugal - Lisbon and Porto - travel on public transport for a day worth 2.2 euros. You can buy a ticket for four days - 8 euros for a week - 12 euros. 

In Berlin, there are two options of travel tickets. «WelcomeCard» issued for three days and costs 21 euros. «CityTourCard» operates only in the city center, worth 14.5 euros for two days and 19 euros for three days. Furthermore, both travel offer discounts on a variety of tours and visits to museums. 

In Moscow, "museum" discount card offers «Moscow Pass». With its help, you can visit seven famous museums: the Historical Museum, the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, the Museum of Russian Icons, Museum of Contemporary Russian History, Museum of the History of corporal punishment, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Multimedia Art Museum. You can also go on a bus or walking tour of Moscow, a stroll on the boat on the river. More «Moscow Pass» - is on sale in several restaurants, cafes, as well as guide the sights and useful tips. Find the card can be in a number of major hotels and hostels or order online «moscowpass.com».

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Date: 05 June 2013
Domodedovo airport every month for several years in a row sums up the competition for the most punctual airline. The winners are determined in eight different categories depending on the number of flights.

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