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Siberia - the new trend in extreme tourism

Siberia - the new trend in extreme tourism

Vast desert expanses of Siberia will be transformed. For many years, this rugged northern edge was unavailable to most tourists. Now, travelers and lovers of pristine nature can comfortably explore this corner of the Earth. Siberia is a good alternative to traditional tourist destinations, according to the Australian company "56 parallel". Thanks to its developed routes magic Siberia open to all comers. And her identity, a unique blend of indigenous culture and modernity make popular destination, tour operators and experts are confident. 

Create an extraordinary tour occurred founder Australian Tourist "56 parallel" businessman Michael Schneider. Often traveling on the edge, he found himself thinking that not only he may be interested in these amazing unspoilt scenery. Enchanted by the beauty of Siberia and the hospitality of its inhabitants, Michael began to take with a small group of friends. Together they have created some interesting and scenic routes across the expanses of Siberia and route them through the tundra, forest and forest-steppe zone. They also managed to develop some extreme routes that capture the lower and mountain areas Salaira and Altai. The most difficult trail passes through the Ural Mountains. Perhaps nowhere in the world there is another such area, which presents a variety of terrain, from the steppe to the cliffs and mountain peaks. 

In love with the beauty of the Siberian region, Schneider along with a team of professionals has opened a special website "56 parallel". The purpose of the Internet resource - show how this region unique and inimitable in any season. 

Winter will entertain tourists skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and the ringing of bells. Guests will be able to diversify your vacation travel to major cities to become familiar with their sights. And tourists wishing to experience the romance of northern life, offered to visit the Russian bath and ride on the snow drifts on the dogsled. The excursion program includes familiarity with the Russian national cuisine and tasting traditional drink - Russian vodka. 

Summer tour will delight tourists and quite mild sun warm days. At this time good wander through the forest green, here in the forest inhabited by many species of birds and animals that are considered endemic. Fans of extreme sports will be able to diversify their leisure time climbing, because of steep ascents and descents in the local mountains abound. You can raft on rough mountain river kayaking. Tourists will also offer cruise tours on the waters of the purest and deepest lake in the world Baikal. The lake is so large that the locals call it the sea.

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Date: 14 August 2013
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