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Russian lessons in Moscow hotels

Russian lessons in Moscow hotels

Moscow is one of 10 most popular and most visited cities in the world. According to various experts in its place is between the fifth and tenth positions. And this is not surprising, because the ancient capital of the sights generous. In addition, the city cares about its image, trying to surprise most tourists with their innovations. And here is another - specialized lessons of Russian language, history and culture. Hotels say that lessons are completely free and included in the standard program of residence. 

Lessons are designed specifically for the sophisticated traveler who has little walks and excursions in the Russian capital. For those who want to impress your colleagues or business partners and diversify evening leisure. Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel (Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel), located in the heart of the ancient capital, was the first to put this idea into practice. As noted in the hotel, the service is popular, lessons enjoy visiting a variety of categories of people. 

In addition to providing a free transfer in Moscow and major attractions, the hotel offers its visitors a unique opportunity to study the Russian language and to become closer to the Russian culture. Every week, a professional Russian language tutor collects guests and all interested in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of tea or coffee. 

The task of learning is not only to rehearse together with present the most common and popular Russian phrases, but also to talk about the important milestones in the history of Russia, familiarize with its customs and traditions. Requirements for teacher unusually high, because he has to find an approach to each guest, regardless of their level of knowledge of the Russian language. Per hour, and that is how much and lasts a lesson, he should all be interested, make guests delight experienced and loved the host country. Quite often, members of the so addicted lesson discussions and friendly conversation that the meeting lasts for several hours. And for guests, a good knowledge of Russian language is offered jointly by reading the works of the classics of Russian literature, for example, Dostoevsky or Tolstoy. 

Moreover, every year on June 6 Russia celebrates Day of the Russian language. This date was not chosen randomly, because June 6 was born the famous Russian writer, the pride of the country - by Alexander Pushkin. That is why to this day many metropolitan hotels prepared a special surprise for their guests - Russian tea ceremony with a samovar, bagels and traditional entertainments national cuisine.

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