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The Bolshoi Theatre

I can safely say that the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow - a symbol of Russian culture. On its stage act best in the world soloists, musicians, conductors and performers. Troupe touring around the globe, and tickets for their performances snapping a few months ahead.

But the history of the Bolshoi Theater began modestly. Until 1776 it was a small theater owned by the provincial prosecutor prince by shooting. New life breathed into it the great Empress Catherine II. By her order had the privilege Prince Urusov content troupe and staging performances. The decree came March 28, 1776, since this date is considered the official date of opening of the Bolshoi Theater. With support, the prince began the construction of three-story brick building, which was later destroyed by fire. A modern building was built in 1856 in the style of Russian classical architecture and is still the most striking example of it.

Today, the Bolshoi - operas, ballets, chamber music concerts and much more. At the same time the theater management is not afraid to experiment, you can see not only the classics (historical scene), but modern productions (New Stage). In October 2009, when a youth opera theater program, to form a new generation of singers and prepare them to work on the stage.

In this and theatrical art lovers will be interested to visit the tour in a historic building of the theater. Tour takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00, duration - about an hour. Tickets can be purchased on her daily trips to the box office, which is located in the entrance of number 12 (historic building).

To the theater can be reached by metro station "Theatre" or "Ryad". If you decide to drive up to the building by car, then moving on Petrovka Street, you'll be taken straight to the theater. In addition to Theatre Square can be reached by trolley number 2, 12 and 33.

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