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The House of Sevastianov in Yekaterinburg

The mansion is located in the historic center of the city, on the shore of a quiet pond. By law, it is considered the most elegant and beautiful historical building in Yekaterinburg. And such an amazing Moorish-Gothic facade you will not see in any other city in Russia.

Originally the house was built for a family regimental engineer. Spacious three-story mansion with a rotunda constantly changed its owners until 1860 when it was purchased by a government official Nikolai Sevastyanov. In 1866, officials decided to spend it in a major reconstruction. Then on the facade of the building and there were intricate patterns, complemented by sophisticated baroque elements. Shortly before his death Sevastiyanov treasury sold the mansion, where he subsequently located the Circuit Court. Then in the home has long been a regional trade union council. Therefore, the second name of the mansion - "House of Trade Unions."

In 2008 passed the full restoration of the mansion Sevastianova, which cost the state more than 1 billion rubles. After it changed not only the appearance but also the interior. There are Gothic arches and lancet windows, walls finished with gilded carvings and rooms decorated walnut furniture. Highlight buildings are gazebo, fireplace and central hall with columns. On the second floor are a large colony room presidential suite.

Today the house is Sevastianova government residence. In its halls are held solemn meetings and receptions dignitaries, foreign delegations. While for ordinary tourists mansion unavailable, but the outside at any time of the year can make a lot of beautiful pictures. Building at night illuminated with dozens of lanterns. Get comfortable on the subway stop is called "Space 1905", then you must go on Lenin Avenue, to the intersection with Gorky Street.

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