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Dohna Tower

Former defensive tower located in Kaliningrad, on the western shore of the pond. Once it is integral with the rest of the fortifications of the city. It is worth noting that Konigsberg, the modern name of Kaliningrad, was originally founded as a coastal fortress. Back in the Middle Ages the city was surrounded by thick walls, periodically constructing additions and strengthening them. So its history it has developed as a fort, so there is still preserved elements of the mighty city walls, ramparts, gates. And Konigsberg remained inaccessible until the Second World War.

The tower itself was built in 1853 by order of a talented military engineer Ernst Ludwig von Aster. Its brick walls in some places reach two meters, the height of the towers - 12 meters, diameter - 34 meters. On the two upper floors casemates, and the roof could keep shelling out the big guns, which are securely sheltered notched parapet. Newly built tower decided to name in honor of General Field Marshal Friedrich von Wrangel, who was sent to Konigsberg as commander. Since then, the walls of the tower were fired more than once, but have not been punctured.

In the early 20th century the tower was taken out of the city fortifications. It was used for storage for weapons and food, and in one of the rooms even organized treasury. Here were stored gold, silver and precious stones.

Today the tower Wrangel is a restaurant, a café with a summer terrace, a stage on which hosts various concerts and festivals, as well as an antique shop. Other rooms remain intact and are in ruins. Entrance to the tower - free, you can not just wander through its corridors, but also rise to the top to admire the panorama of the city.

Walk from the passenger station of Kaliningrad to the tower can be reached, on average, for 50 minutes. Necessary to move along Leninsky Prospekt, through the streets of Shevchenko and proletarian. Then you go to the market, for which there is a tower. The same way can be done by car, the road will take about 10 minutes.

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